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The Higher Education Division

The primary purpose of Tanchuling College is to facilitate a transformative education that brings about liberation, conversion and humanization of the person and society through quality Catholic education that is characterized by:

1. An education that integrates faith and academic excellence with life for service;

2. An education that is committed to the development of the Philippine society, in particular, and the world in general; and

3. An education that is holistic in its development of the woman as an empowered and effective leader for significant change in society, prominently through her career, and essentially as a wife and mother.

The general objectives are:

1. To form students with a strong character imbued with a social conscience, a firm knowledge of Gospel values, and a commitment to build the society where there is justice, peace, and solidarity.

2. To develop professional competence and prepare students to be transforming and effective participants in society through relevant curricula, qualified faculty and staff members, and up-to-date facilities.