Preparatory and Grade School

The trend towards globalization has serious implication for our country which have been striving to complete with other developing countries. This new scenario in turn poses a challenge for educational institution to equip the graduates not just with the knowledge in the various discipline, but with the skills and competencies that they would need to practice their professional effectively not only in the Philippines but in other countries as well.

The Tanchuling Preparatory and Grade School seek to contribute to the national development effort in education and culture as well as in fulfill commitment to Christ principles and ideals to become better Filipino and better Christians.

The overall vision of Tanchuling Preparatory and Grade School is the improvement of the quality human life not only within the school campus but also in the society. It is the duty of this institution to equip the students with readiness to respond to truth, beauty and goodness and develop critical thinking. The school is committed to influence and serve the society to minimize poverty, ignorance, selfishness and indolence so that they may be free to create their own destinies.